SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Our world is becoming increasingly dependent on cyberspace so much so that we prefer online services of e-banking, visa application, citizenship registration, funds transfer and many such activities without any fear of disclosure. And we owe this trust to Google’s cyber security system. Usage of Https protocol has been largely encouraged by Google since several years. In 2017, secure SSL Certificates were made mandatory for e-commerce websites that exchanged personal information of the customers so that chances of cyber crimes cases could be eliminated to the utmost.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL- Security Sockets Layer- was devised to protect confidential data that is being transmitted or exchanged. Data encryption in internet transactions is made secured by SSL Certificates. It brings about maximum security with transparency. There is a newer edition of SSL Certificate named TLS (Transport Layer Security) which ensures ultra-protected passage for data communication between the two authentic end-points i.e. the Web and visitor. An SSL Certificate is a small computer file that digitally binds all details of the company to a cryptographic key; enabling the website to have secured sessions with the user’s browser.

Link Between HTTPS Protocol And SSL Certificate

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a combination of HTTP and SSL which means that HTTP connection is delivering the date safeguarded by SSL/TLS Certificate. One can see “https” in the URL link if its SSL secured. There is also a padlock icon in the browser bar that can be clicked to view the certificate details, issuing authority and website owner’s name.

Advantages Of SSL Certificate

There is a wealth of plus points when it comes to SSL Certification:

  • 1. It provides security from attackers and potential hackers. Any signups, logins, personal information or payment details are under discretion and locked up safe for an impregnable experience. E-commerce websites, in particular, prioritize SSL security for the obvious reason.
  • 2. Users are extremely aware of fake websites and watch out for falling prey to such platforms. An organization can gain its user’s trust by SSL Certificate protocol. Web browsers indicate security by a green bar or a lock symbol for browsers to verify if the website they’re surfing is a spam. This means you will be trusted and buyers may buy from you.
  • 3. Become a brand by adding https to your website’s URL link. This can only be achieved by acquiring SSL Certificate. Google has updated its algorithm and added HTTPS as a ranking indication. Elicit a stronger Google ranking in the search engine optimization.
  • 4. An SSL Certificate MUST be installed on your e-commerce site if you want to take online payments. A buyer would not enter their bank account details or credit card information unless they are confident about your forum’s authenticity and credibility.

Levels Of SSL Certificates

The SSL/TLS certificates are divided according to their authentication levels. The three types are listed below:

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate
  • Organization Validation SSL Certificate
  • Domain Validation SSL Certificate

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