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If your website business serves local areas, you should invest in a local SEO service. Local SEO is, simply, search engine optimization that includes local elements. It’s the difference between ‘Local SEO services’ and ‘Local SEO services Dublin‘. Small businesses can really benefit from local search engine optimisation. It's a way to stand out from the rest in search engine results, and to let your customers know that you are in their location. It can really help whether customers are searching for you by name or by what you do. Research has shown that 75% of all searches include a location term.
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At Dublin SEO Company, our local SEO packages are a fraction of the price of other local advertising companies, such as the Yellow Pages, and far more efficient for reaching today’s customers. If you have a Irish business and would like to target the 32 counties of Ireland, or maybe you are a Local service in Dublin and would like to target every Dublin postal code, This is something that we have decades of experience in. Most of our clients see Page one results in just the first month. Geo meta tags are used when you are targeting specific region for SEO. Geo Targeting meta tags shows specific location for targeting. with so much to gain from local SEO, there’s no better time to get in touch with our team of SEO experts to find out what Dublin SEO Company can do for you!

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Local SEO has always been crucial, but with mobile searches on the rise, it is become vital to the success of any small business. This is because most people search from a mobile device generally want to know what is near near to them right now, and will search specifically for local businesses. The same way that companies once advertised in the Yellow Pages, local SEO helps you reach the right customers. Today, people go to before they seek out a Yellow Pages. This is exactly why local SEO is such an important factor of any local business’s website.

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Wasn't getting many calls, so I decide to hire Dublin SEO Company for their Local SEO Services, So happy that I did, We are ranked on Page 1 of Google for most town in Dublin, Search for Painters Finglas, Painter Coolock, Artane and many many more, Phone just won't stop ringing, We now get on average 20 calls daily
Joe Finlay
Didn't know a lot about Local SEO, But what I did know was that I was no were to be found on search engines until we hired Dublin SEO Company, Now we are ranked on Page one of for every county in Ireland, here is just one sample for you, "Translation Services Donegal" our sales has rocketed!
Avril Sande
Before we hired Dublin SEO Company, Our cleaning company was no were to be found in Google for local keywords phrases, Now we are ranked on Page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing for every postal code in Dublin, Example: "Office Cleaning Dublin 1" Check for yourselves!

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